Hi there,

I am attempting, for possibly the hundredth time, to install a variant of linux (Ubuntu) onto my computer (Compaq Presario C57) and I'm having a lot of difficulty.

First thing I did was shrink my windows partition to free up some space, which now appears as 'Unallocated Space' with a black stripe across it in Disk Management.

After firing up the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS installer from a flash drive I try to install onto the 30gb of unallocated space I have. Unfortunately this is where I hit a brick wall. It shows my 'System' partition. my Windows files (Windows folder and everything typically you'd see in a C:\ drive on Windows) a 'Recovery' partition, and an 'HP Tools' partition.....but sadly my unallocated space is nowhere to be found?

So I thought....fine, I'll just resize my windows partition from within the installer and get my free space that way. Nope. Every time I try it some kind of error pops up about not being able to write to the device. After the error message is cancelled out I can't do anything apart from restart and try again.

I decided, at this stage, to go onto the Ubuntu IRC channel on freenode.net (I think that's what it's called?) and was advised to try the alternate install CD to see if that helped at all. This also failed while trying to boot, giving some error about not being able to read a file or something.....when clicking 'yes' to try reading again the same message would pop up.

Basically.....I've no idea how the hell to proceed. I last logged into this site in 2006 (according to my little login thing in the top right) ....And what was I doing then? Looking for answers for more issues I've had with Ubuntu and other linux variants. I KNOW linux is powerful and I KNOW a lot can be done with it, just wish it was actually....oh.....I don't know........EASY TO INSTALL... :\ I simply don't believe I'm the only person on Earth to have these kind of issues.