Hi, I'm having playback problem with the media playback programs like VLC, Totem, and Smplayer. Whenever I watch a video of any format, it plays too fast. I have a Thinkpad Edge ''14 hooked up by HDMI to a ''42 JVC in 1280x720p. My problem doesn't seem to occur with streaming videos in Chromium or Firefox; it just happens with media players while playing videos.

I've seen that when I set my computer in to a resolution lower than 1280x720p this problem doesn't occur. I've seen this problem on the web while doing some googling, but it seems to happen with a no sound problem; that is not the case here. If it doesn't have to do with sound, here is my chip and driver specs:

Realtek ALC269
Intel IbexPeak HDMI

I just need help with this particular problem because my computer is my main source of media and this is a pain in a** to solve what's behind it.