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Thread: How to find out what a particular virus does

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    Question How to find out what a particular virus does

    Anti-malware programs can find trojans, root-kits, virus and other things and even remove them for you but I think they are not very informative about what the malware actually does. It would be nice to know what sort of things could have happened to a system that has been infected by a particular virus.

    What is a good site for finding out this sort of information? It would be good if it let you know how serious a compromise might have been too.

    Thank you!
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    Re: How to find out what a particular virus does

    The anti-virus companies tend to have good information on all the viruses they know about. McAfee's is here:

    (Note that I'm not recommending them - I just happen to know about that page!)


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    Re: How to find out what a particular virus does

    In the days when I had windows to worry about I always just googled the "virus-name symantec", or used any other anti-virus software suite name. There are plenty of databases around with masses of info on just about all of the malware viruses in existence
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