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Thread: bluetooth broken upon resume from suspend

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    bluetooth broken upon resume from suspend


    I'm on a lenovo thinkpad w520, on ubuntu 12.04, 64bit 3.2.0-26.

    When I resume from a suspend, my bluetooth is non-responsive. My BT keyboard and mouse are doa. Wifi will reconnect, but bluetooth will not.

    When this problem is happening, if I click Bluetooth Settings from the BT icon in the systray, it will delay for about 15 seconds before opening the Bluetooth Settings menu. When I click to add a BT device, it will just hang.

    The only way to fix this is to reboot, and normally when I try to reboot at this point, it will hang, and I will need to do a power-off reboot.

    I've searched a bit, and haven't really been able to notice any modern issues filed on this.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    Re: bluetooth broken upon resume from suspend

    Hi. When I resume, I see a log message about this, and my Bluetooth is similarly disabled. I find that I can re-enable it by restarting the bluetooth daemon:

    sudo killall bluetoothd
    sudo bluetoothd --udev
    Hope this helps.


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