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Thread: Netbook shuts down when using writing software

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    Netbook shuts down when using writing software

    In the last months I have frequently experienced the PC automatically shutting down. At first I thought that it was a hardware problem in my new netbook, but when I browse the internet or watch a video there is no problem at all. After 100 or more unwanted shutdowns I concluded that it happens when I use LibreOffice Writer. The solution seemed simple: install another text editor. So I installed Calligra Words. But the precise same problem occurred there again.

    I guess that these text editors somehow depend upon some exactly similar piece of software, which is either corrupt or incompatible with my netbook. I do however not have enough knowledge of Ubuntu nor of these editors to determine what I should replace to avoid these annoying shutdowns. I hope that someone has an idea about how to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance.
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