Just did a clean install of Xubuntu 12.04 amd64 on a new Western Digital wd30ezrx 3TB hard disk - no errors during install. The mainboard is an Intel dq35mp (dq35mpe) (which ran Ubuntu 10.04.4 with Xfce fine).

When trying to boot to the hard disk, it stops at "no bootable device -- insert boot disk" (after I disabled "Boot to network" in the BIOS).

When booting with the Xubuntu install CD (alternate ISO) from which I just installed*, I enter on "English" from the language menu, and then select "Boot from first hard disk", from which Xubuntu boots fine - I can save files and access them again when booting the same way later.

Anyone know how to not have to boot off the CD? I think it's a problem with the Intel mainboard not wanting to boot from the wd30ezrx, not a Xubuntu problem - but since the Xubuntu install CD can access the hard disk I'm hoping someone knows how to get past the Intel problem.

*I have to choose option 1 when asked to "Select CD-ROM Boot Type" after listing two options with no text (option 2 doesn't work).