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Thread: How do I view/edit IDE driver?

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    [SOLVED]How do I view/edit IDE driver?


    I am currently working on getting an FPGA board running with a SATA (running in IDE mode) HDD attached to it. When I run the following command:

    I see the following show up:

    02:00.0 IDE interface: Xilinx Corporation Device 6011 (ref ff)
    Which is the FPGA board. To keep this from being a very long winded post I was wondering if it was possible to view all of the drivers that are currently running in Ubuntu (I'm using 12.04).

    When I try lsmod I get a long list of modules but none of them say anything about IDE or PCI. And if I am finally able to view the driver how would I go about recompiling it into Ubuntu so that I could output some debug messages to help me get this FPGA working properly.

    Let me know if you need any additional information and thank you for your time!

    e: We went ahead and advertised ourselves as an Intel device and it was assigned the PIIX driver. We're going to go ahead and move on from here.
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    Re: How do I view/edit IDE driver?

    I see that with lspci -v you can see the drivers that are in use for particular devices... However there isn't a driver given (which I assumed to happen) for my device and I am still unsure how to load a driver for a device.

    If I'm in the wrong forum please tell me.

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