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Thread: MathType Macro for OO

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    MathType Macro for OO

    Hullo all. I am currently running Lubuntu 12.04, and using (though I had rather be using LaTeX-I have no choice in the matter-my new job requires MathType)MathType 6.8 I think. I was told that by inserting the following macro:

    sub InsertMathTypeObject
    rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    rem define variables
    dim obj as object
    dim SName as string
    dim oXEO as object
    rem ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    SName = ""
    obj = ThisComponent.createInstance(sName)
    obj.CLSID = "0002CE03-0000-0000-C000-000000000046"
    obj.attach(ThisComponent.currentController().Selec tion.getByIndex(0))
    oXEO = obj.ExtendedControlOverEmbeddedObject

    end sub

    I could then insert MT objects into OO. But so far, not only can I not go to Insert->Object->New->MT Object; but every time I try (copy and paste and manually typing it) to add the above macro, I get the following error:

    BASIC runtime error.Object variable not set.

    at the last line (oXEO.doVerb(0))

    Pleas help. The only reason I 'ditched' LO and went 'back' to OO is that my local manager gave me the above code and said it was specifially for OO. If there is a similar macro for Lo, and I knew it would work, I would go back to that - but I am kind of stuck now, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: MathType Macro for OO

    you probably will have more chance being helped on the openoffice forums

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    Re: MathType Macro for OO

    Ok, I shall try there as well. Thanks.

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