I connect my Thinkpad to a bluetooth speaker and the issue is that the sound is as if some packets were lost during the 2m trip they have to make. Similar when you watch a stream and the quality is not the best, the sound is not smooth.

With Windows 7 it's flawless, also I tried with two different phones.

I guess it has to be the bluetooth driver.

I'm using the latest Ubuntu 12.04 with 3.2.0-29-generic-pae.

bla@bla:~$ modinfo bluetooth
filename: /lib/modules/3.2.0-29-generic-pae/kernel/net/bluetooth/bluetooth.ko
alias: net-pf-31
license: GPL
version: 2.16
description: Bluetooth Core ver 2.16
author: Marcel Holtmann <marcel@holtmann.org>
srcversion: 62F1BC97A52542226443E43
intree: Y
vermagic: 3.2.0-29-generic-pae SMP mod_unload modversions 686
parm: disable_escoisable eSCO connection creation (bool)
parm: disable_ertmisable enhanced retransmission mode (bool)
parm: enable_mgmt:Enable Management interface (bool)
parm: enable_le:Enable LE support (bool)
Do you have any idea what could cause this effect?

Thanks for the help!