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is there anything known yet about the hardware support status of this Monitor?

has someone managed it, to get it to work?

I find this Hardware is quite nice, without knowing if there is a possible support in ubuntu its just hard to decide if this is the right thing to buy...
I'm testing Ubuntu 12.04, with all current updates.

My ST2220T touch does not work properly. I know that it is close to working because if I use two fingers on the desktop, I get a highlighted box (not exactly where I'd expect).

On the other hand, Fedora 17 supports the ST2220T (I think Fedora 16 did too). I have not tried multi-touch gestures with Fedora.

All tests (Fedora and Ubuntu) have been done without tweeking any settings.

I wonder what is needed to make it work under Ubuntu.

Mini review: I really like the display -- IPS is better than TN. The speakers are not very good. I wish that the back had VESA mounting holes so that I could mount my nettop on it.