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Thread: Files and settings gone

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    Files and settings gone

    A quick description of my issue is:

    I saved images while browsing, and also changed my background with an image from the web. After I finished surfing I "Completed" some updates by restarting. When my computer rebooted my background was gone and I never saw the files I saved.

    More info:

    During the time I was surfing I wanted to use Chrome instead of Firefox. I searched the dashboard and found Chrome and clicked it several times and nothing seemed to happen. I got frustrated and gave up. After restarting Chrome loads with no problem. Also, I don't know exactly where I saved the files, but I've checked every folder in the etc\home directory. I simulated saving pics from firefox and chrome and both seem to default to the "Downloads" folder. Additionally, I have noticed settings/bookmarks/etc. disappearing after updates...WIERD! This is a public computer so I suppose it is possible someone changed it, but very unlikely.

    Anyone have any thoughts or share same problems?

    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    32 Bit
    Intel Celeron 2.66 GHz



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    Re: Files and settings gone

    In firefox, try edit > preferences > "save files to"

    and see if they're there. By default, I think it's "downloads", but I change mine to "Desktop".


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