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Thread: ubuntu 8.04 to lubuntu 10.04 network

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    Question ubuntu 8.04 to lubuntu 10.04 network

    I have an ancient computer with Ubuntu 8.04 containing files I want to transfer to a newish computer with Lubuntu 10.04. It seemed most efficient to network the two together and just copy-paste. I managed to stumble up to the point where pings were working just fine with a direct connection through an ethernet cable, but now I have no idea how to access one computer's files from the other. As far as I can tell, the computers are talking to each other, but won't let me in on the conversation.
    I would love a step-by-step tutorial on basic Linux networking and some tips on how to get this particular system to work. Thanks!

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    Re: ubuntu 8.04 to lubuntu 10.04 network

    Google can certainly give you a lot of networking tutorial.
    (e.g. some tips that most of them should apply to 08 and 10 versions.

    To exchange files between 2 Ubuntues, I found 'nfs' to be safe and convenient

    You can also use 'samba'

    Or of course use a USB stick (or DVD etc...).

    But one side is 8.04 and I don't know what was available at the time.
    You can probably upgrade 8.04 to 8.10 then to 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 so that your two boxes have the same tools.

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    Re: ubuntu 8.04 to lubuntu 10.04 network

    alright, thanks for all the links, i'll take a look a them.
    the reason why i got a newish computer is because the old one is 12 years old ^^; it's simply too ancient and retarded to handle anything newer than 8.04 and i crashed it a great deal trying to upgrade it. i don't think the problem is lack of tools, it's the fact i don't know how to use them ^^;

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