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Thread: Ubuntu 4-12 Installation problems

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    Ubuntu 4-12 Installation problems

    I am having a difficult to solve installation problem with this version on Ubuntu. I am doing a dual boot with Win 7 and the problem isn't really with the install itself. The initial install goes fine. Then once everything is up and running when I activate the driver for my Nvida video card, it downloads the driver, installs it and then I have to do a reboot. That is where the problem lies. Once the system reboots I get the grub screen but once Ubuntu starts I get an error on my monitor saying, 'out of range', and a blank screen. I tried hitting enter, esc ect but nothing will get me past this blank screen. If I go into recovery mode/command line. I tried using the xrandr command to see what was going on but just get another error saying, something to the effect it can not access my display. The lspci command though still shows the display card. For some reason the new driver seems to be putting my display into a mode it can't handle but I need some way of getting back in again to reset it.

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    Re: Ubuntu 4-12 Installation problems

    Hi sunfist;
    Take a look at these links for the solution to the "out of range"
    as referenced from this link:

    Look at his and advise us ... ok?

    HTH <==BDQ


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