On April the 6th 2011, Gnome 3 was Released, Gnome 3 sported many brand new features, Such as the Shell Interface, CSS3 style GTK Theming and a new theme, But A Sacrifice was made : The Preferences for Easily changing themes, The "Appearence" Window was removed : You Upset allot of people by doing that : Theming is what made allot of people use Gnome, Now you cannot change the GTK, Metacity, Icon or Shell theme out of the box without editing gconf directly or installing sotware or extensions : Gnome basicly became less customisable out of the box.

Gnome 3 , Although awesome, Is changing fast, and henceforth breaks themers Shell and GTK themes upon updates, Causing Frustration for users & themers alike.

I hate to say it, But you've stopped listening to your userbase, thinking you know what's best for them, And that has upset a large number of them.

I can already hear whispers of "Gnome Classic" : But lets face it, It's still less customisable : I mean heck , even changing your panel layout has become some kind of obstacle course of holding down keys and right clicking : Why can't you just leave it nice and functional ? as it was ?

The argument that gnome will run on tablets, smartphones and other touch devices is also completly Worthless : 99% Of gnome users will be using a PC, And a large majority will miss the old customisable gnome2 : I'm not asking we go back, I'm asking we go forward :

- Add Customisability out of the box
- Make Gnome classic as easy to customise as gnome 2
- Show your User Base that you haven't forgotten them
- Bring back the Minimize button (Seriously guys !)
- Think about Current extentions and themes by Implementing Backwards compatibility so developers don't have to constantly modify their work to keep up.

We Loved Gnome 2, Make Us Love Gnome 3.