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Thread: Java upgrade

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    Java upgrade

    I am running Ubuntu 12.04 and I am trying to upgrade Java to version 7.5 but cannot get the install to work. Followed the instructions on the Java sight for installing under linux other than RH. Please help.

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    Re: Java upgrade

    The very easiest method is contained in the Java wiki in my signature.

    Under "Oracle Java 7" is a section about command line methods. In that section is a link to called "Using's strikingly simple method".

    Later there is a section about choosing which Java to set as your alternative. Webupd8's scripts take care of setting your alternative, but check anyway.

    Sometimes one runs into issues after having installed by other methods, but if you did it from Oracle's website you should be fine. Just choose the Java 7 update 6 provided in the list of alternatives.
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