Hi all,

I'm new around these parts, but have been using Ubuntu for a while. I'm not entirely certain this is an Ubuntu issue, but I'm hoping I might find the solution here...
I got a new Dell Vostro 3360 today, with 8GB of RAM, an i7 CPU, 500GB 5400 RPM HDD, and a 32GB SSD drive used with the Intel Smart Response Technology as a cache for the main HDD. Unfortunately, it also came with Win8, which is completely useless for me, so the first thing I'm trying to do is migrate to Ubuntu 12.04 64bit. I've had a lot of different issues but managed to find solutions to most of them, with the exception of this:
I'd like to install the root on the SSD, and I've already unchecked the RAID flags and cancelled the ISRT in the BIOS, so that I can see both drives when I'm using the Ubuntu installation USB, unfortunately when I try to partition the SSD I only get an 8GB partition without any error or anything - No matter what size of a partition I define, it reverts to 8GB with the rest appearing empty. When I try to create the partition with gparted I get an error and it fails.
I'm really not sure what's going on here, I scoured the net for a few hours now and only saw one other complaint similar to mine, without a solution. Any thoughts would be very welcome.