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Thread: Installing on 4GB SSD

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    Re: Installing on 4GB SSD

    Quote Originally Posted by oldfred View Post
    You can install the minimal:
    anyway minimal iso seems to be the way to go. additionally you might want to try something else such as Bodhi linux (Ubuntu based)
    or something smaller like Anti-X.

    however if you plan on having some heavier applicaitons you would need at least 8GB and even that won't leave much space for data.
    Thank you for the recommendation, I will try it out. Seems like the easiest solution to me, since I'm not married to any particular distro.

    I am assuming that if the person ran "heavy applications" they would be using something other then a netbook. I imagine its for browsing the web and not much else.

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    Post Re: Installing on 4GB SSD

    when installing Lubuntu to a 4gb partition or flash device remember and remove the swap partition so that all files will fit on the device... If you are booting from USB flash drive this will also speed up Lubuntu considerably...

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