I manage a group of 4 desktop computers for a local youth group. The computers are really old and becoming unusable but our budget cannot stretch to replace them all. Instead I have decided to use second hand parts to build a single server with a quad output graphics card and set up Ubuntu as a multiseat server.

Does anyone have any simple step-by-step instructions on how to do this. I have looked around for a good tutorial but all the ones that I can find seem to be very complicated and based on older versions of Ubuntu.

How I want the completed system to work:
  • There will be one PC (Probably around a Core 2 Duo with about 4gb RAM)
  • There will be 4 monitors connected to one or two graphics cards
  • There will be 4 keyboards and mice connected via a couple of PCI USB cards
  • I would ideally like to be able to output sound for each station through different outputs on a multichannel sound card but could use USB sound cards if it would be easier.

I'd like performance to be reasonably good but the system will not be pushed hard, it will only be used for a couple of hours a week to browse Facebook or watch YouTube videos.

My main requirement is that it should be easy to set up (for my sanity) and easy for people to use, the target users are young teenagers with no Linux experience who just want to browse the internet.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!