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Thread: External Display Distorts upon pressing function key Fn/F4

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    Post External Display Distorts upon pressing function key Fn/F4

    I have an Everex VA1500V laptop using the VIA Openchrome graphics driver.The laptop came with Ubuntu, I forget which version. I have since loaded Ubuntu 12.04. It will not detect an external display using the Display settings utility. When I press the Fn/F4 key combination the display totally distorts so you cannot see anything. It displays on my TV with the same distortion so I know it will switch to the TV. I can reset it by pressing the power button and restarting the computer. The TV menu shows that the PC resolution is 640 x 480 so maybe that has something to do with it. The laptop does display on my TV screen with Windows 7.

    I have searched the Internet and tried a few things. I can not find a file called xorg.conf which many possible solutions point to. I have read that the VIA Openchrome does not support external displays but forcing something in the xorg.conf file may make it work.

    I am not a complete newbie but please don't assume I will be able to understand a very technical, especially command line, response.

    What can I do to make my external TV/monitor work properly? Appreciate any help.
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