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Thread: my ubuntu too slow :(

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    my ubuntu too slow :(


    i have make thread and no one up to see latest post , so i try make anew thread and here my problem as i post

    if you look at the guide i posted it says it uses 4gb you said you had 8gb which should be plenty hope that helps !!!!
    i have install it successfully but when i install it's take more time (about 3 hours) also i have checked on download music package while install and already connected to internet .... when retrieve 11 to 45 ...... it's take much more time and i guess he download files but it was too slow in download (instead my internet connection 512kbps) and when i open firefox while install .... too slow and even hard to open any website .... so i do skip for this downloaded package tell he become fast in download other component (like hardware ) then he finished and when restart the OS too slow also cant try connect to my router ....... so i dont know whats wrong .... i feel guilty that i think in move from windows to Linux ..... so i want post my installation logs to show my problem but i dont know how to get from ubuntu OS , also why it's take much more time in download package (is it too big) .....also system too slow on my pc , and here my hardware info

    cpu: intel celeron 2.66/256kb
    ram: 256*2
    HDD: 80 GB
    VGA: ATI Radion 64MB


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    best regards

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    Re: my ubuntu too slow :(

    Please do not start multiple threads for the same problem, it dilutes the community's ability to help.
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