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Thread: mtpfs Messed something up. Now I cant access /media.

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    mtpfs Messed something up. Now I cant access /media.

    So I was trying to transfer some files from my android phone so I tried installing mtpfs on my laptop running xubuntu 11.10 using this as a guide:

    Not only did it not work but now I can't access /media on my harddrive. Every time I try to access /media I get the error message: "Error when getting information for file '/media/MTPdevice': Transport endpoint is not connected."

    I tried removing mtpfs and mtp-tools but it didn't help.

    I no longer wan't to connect my android phone I just want to fix whatever I broke so that I can access /media again.

    Edit- The problem seems to have fixed itself somehow. Thanks anyway.
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