For the noobs: This is a little emacs org-mode or VimOrganizer file containing some of the knowledge I've acquired about the Linux platform over the past few years. Ubuntu Forums really helped me out a great deal when I was starting out, and I've been meaning to give back to the community by writing down what I know. So much of the documentation about Linux is unrecorded folklore. This is an attempt to capture some of that, and make it accessible.

For the old school: please feel free to clone this text file, and merge in any linux lore that you've acquired over the years. Contact me and I'll give you permission to push the changes or do it myself if that's too much of a pain.

If someone knowledgeable wanted to cover some of the sections that I haven't gotten around to writing yet, or create new ones, including /etc, daemons, cron, init scripts, and filesystems, that would really be great. See the to_do.txt for the full list. Thanks!