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Thread: Custom kernel compile issues under 12.04

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    Custom kernel compile issues under 12.04

    I'm trying to compile my own kernel (3.5) under Ubuntu 12.04.

    What I did:
    After copying over the config from the existing kernel (one from the repos) and merging the new options (using the defaults), I build a deb. I then install the deb as one usually installs a deb.

    When the desktop environment loads, I discover I cannot access USB devices. A PS/2-based keyboard works fine, which I can use when I drop into a new tty or open a terminal window. X does not report any USB input devices.

    Possible causes:
    Perhaps the modules didn't get compiled into the kernel before the install.

    Other (questionably relevant) information:
    If I boot into an older kernel, everything works beautifully.
    It appears as though it does see the various USB hubs, probably located in the motherboard.

    Is there a a place I can check whether or not everything I need gets loaded? Or does somebody see what my problem is right off? Logs are available upon request.
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    Re: Custom kernel compile issues under 12.04

    I have the same problem. After following this guide with 3.5.3 Kernel, usb devices (wireless mouse, usb-serial converter etc) are not being recognized.

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    Re: Custom kernel compile issues under 12.04

    Don't use the localmod config option unless you know what you are doing with make menuconfig and know which options to add.
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