I'm currently using !2.04 Ubuntu on an Acer 721, a small little netbook with an HDMI plug that hasnt been working all too well. The issue is that whenever I plug in and connect to a TV, the video is good (although the TV screen seems to work more as an extension of the netbook screen rather than an additional screen even though I select the proper setting, although I don't mind too much) but the audio only comes out of the 721's speakers which I wouldn't mind except they are comically weak. I have been suggested to choose the HDMI card from the sound output/hardware window, which, even if I do, still does not redirect the audio to the TV, unless I am selecting it wrong somehow. I have tried on multiple TV's and the issue persists. I'm not sure what info might be relevant but please ask and I will be quick to reply. I have a RS880 HDMI Radeon HD 4200 Series audio device if that helps at all. Thanks for any advice!