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Thread: Log files not working

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    Re: Log files not working


    i mainly got root:root
    some have other groups, but only the one syslog:adm that i manually changed for auth.conf

    from a glance, the other logs that mean something to me seem to be filling.

    @Catalyph, Have you had any luck with your install?
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    Re: Log files not working

    guys i having the same problem , my audit.log file doesn't making log it's empty kindly suggest me what to do ..

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    Arrow Re: Log files not working

    I just lost about an hour with this same problem until I came across this thread. The post by cholericfun was the solution for me: the ownership of auth.log had changed! Like Catalyph, I also had installed, and then removed syslog-ng, but I did not change the ownership of auth.log, so my guess is that syslog-ng installation changes the file's ownership, and when I backed out to rsyslog (i.e. reinstalled it and ubuntu-minimal), the ownership of auth.log wasn't reset to the original "syslog.adm".

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