Hey ppl,
I have so much weird problem, and I actually don`t understand how it could appear. It all started, when i booted ubuntu with my laptop unplugged ( I have battery). For some unknown reasons, the login screen was other graphical style and message in uper right corner appeared saying something like "Power manager not installed correctly, please connect admin" (Cant quota it because ubuntu isn`t in english). It did not let me log in. I googled it, looked through forums, though without any luck. So I returned to MS Vista, as I was too much lazy and didn`t see any hope in there. Then after few months I tried to fix the problem again. I was messing with recovery mode, when my younger brother unpluged my pc. And it all went back to normal! I cant understand how and why it fixed the problem, but it worked.. until i rebooted my pc. It started dropping that error again. Once again I googled the problem and found on some forum:

sudo apt-get purge gnome-power-manager
sudo apt-get install gnome-power-manager

And with this I think I screwd things up. Thing is I can connect to internet through router only, because my network card is broken by lightning (that means no direct wire internet connection). And because of this I cant install power manager, as it cant find update server. So my questions are:

1. How to install package through other partition (MS Vista if precise)?

2. ::maybe not related:: How to increase used memory?

The second question is because i read somewhere that if memory is full it can cause problems. And thing is I don`t know why, on ubuntu I always had only < 500mb memory (though disk where I installed it has 250gb).

Hopefully looking for answers,