I was happily running 8.04 and was reticent to upgrade to 10.04 because I had issues with wireless prior. My 8.04 reads and uses my wireless PCMCIA card without a hitch. I once again reinstalled 10.04 alongside 8.04 in hopes of resolving the issue. I have gone through all of the steps lined out in the help pages to no avail. 10.04 will not read/use the PCMCIA wireless card. Is there a known fix? The card is a 2WIRE card. I also attempted using a USB wireless adapter, once again, to no avail. It just seems ridiculous that an older version of Ubuntu will work with the card and a newer, more sophisticated version won't. When I attempted to upgrade to 12.04, my computer would not even recognize the hard drive, and I had to take it to zero, reformat and start all over. Any help that you can give would be greatly appreciated. The laptop is a Compaq Presario 2500, with 2.4 Intel P4 processor, 1gb (max) ram.