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Thread: LIMITED "Open with other applications... "

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    LIMITED "Open with other applications... "

    Hello All,

    I'm trying to get a file to 'Open With' a defined application. I right-click on it, choose 'Other Application' and get... after clicking on 'Other Applications' again in the new window, only those which Ubuntu thinks might be suitable. I CANNOT choose any old programme I want. WHY NOT??

    Why has this been dumbed down and made unusable as a result? I need this to use the right programme. Please reinstate our freedom to choose!

    One of the reasons I loved ubuntu at the beginning is that it left many things open for users to decide themselves. This included resizing any window, copying any text you wanted (e.g. in any pop-ups) and many other things which MSwindows simply babied you into not being able to do.. or declared off limits..

    Let go of Ubuntu. Open it up again.

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    Re: LIMITED "Open with other applications... "

    You're not the first to notice that limitation, but it is not actually Ubuntu's fault, but an upstream gnome 3 problem in nautilus.

    See for more discussion of this, but unfortunately not real answers other than using thunar, the XFCE file manager, which still has this ability, and runs very well on gnome 3 desktops.
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