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Thread: Strange Monitor Connections

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    Strange Monitor Connections

    Just bought a used Dell. Came with a nice 17" Dell Monitor... now this is where it gets strange...

    The cable for the monitor is VGA where it plugs INTO the monitor and DVI where it plugs into the computer. I have no idea why the previous owner had this setup, the cable is literally VGA on one side (monitor) and DVI on the other (computer).

    I also have the blasted Intel 945G chipset. Under "Displays" I'm getting the usual "Unknown Monitor" with a max res of 1024x768. "Detect Displays" does nothing.

    Could this be due to the VGA/DVI plug for the monitor? I know this monitor can achieve 1280x1024 or better but I cannot get Ubuntu (12.04) to recognize the chipset or monitor.

    Anyone else have this problem? Besides the strange cable hook-up?


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    Re: Strange Monitor Connections

    Never tried this setup exactly, but analog VGA has a limit of 1024x768 in what is called XGA, so it might be the cable...

    #include <needsleep.h>

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