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Thread: K3B audio cd burning error

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    K3B audio cd burning error

    Hey Guys,
    I am using ubuntu 12.04 precise pangolin.
    k3b keeps giving me something like tis error whenever i try to burn an audio cd
    "cdrecord returned unknown error code (254)
    Using TAO may fix this problem."
    When i try to use TAO it says that I should use DAO. Funny thing is it burns all but the last two songs perfectly (for example: it burns the first 14 songs out of a batch of 16.). I can even hear the songs on my car cd player except the last 2. Does anybody have the solution to this problem? I usually can solve such problems on my own with the help of google but on googling this i find many forum posts but none have been too helpful so far.
    Please help
    Thanks in advance

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    Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin

    Re: K3B audio cd burning error

    Have you tried burning at a lower speed and/or using media from a different manufacturer?

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    Re: K3B audio cd burning error

    Hey Thanks 2F4U!
    I simply reduced the speed to 8x from 24x and it worked perfectly!!
    Again Thanks!


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