I am a college student, and a Ubuntu lover and user from years. This is the first opportunity for me to write an app for Ubuntu. I have a question to ask,

I wish to develop a web based ubuntu desktop app/tool for windows azure cloud storage which will be useful for ubuntu and linux users. I wish to create the project for my educational project, and hence do not intend it to publish immediately with its creation. Instead, I'm quite adamant to bring it up on ubuntu software centre or rather open source it for more betterment of the community, but at a later point of time.

Hence, my requirements shall be:
1. Designing a UI,
2. Data sync with windows azure cloud storage
3. Using the Windows Azure Rest APIs.
4. XML parsing (maybe)

Therefore, I wish to learn what all tools/programming languages will be helpful for me to build this tool/app for ubuntu so that I could learn and contribute to the community as early as possible.
Waiting for a fruitful reply at its earliest, or guide me to the connecting links/guiding paths who can help me out otherwise
Thanks and regards