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Thread: Rare AFUDOS bios flasher versions

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    Rare AFUDOS bios flasher versions

    Took ages to find these particular versions of "AFUDOS" DOS BIOS flasher for AMI BIOS, esp Asus mobos.

    These versions allow BIOS downgrading...

    You will need to put this on a bootable CD or USB drive along with your BIOS file, as the Bios file is over 2MB and will not fit on a floppy.

    Now boot into Dos and type the following,

    AFUDOS /ixxxxx.ROM /pbnc /n
    (xxxxx = your bios file name)

    AFUDOS /iP5KE602.ROM /pbnc /n

    Make FreeDOS flashdrive for this purpose (tested, not just hearsay):
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