I'm looking for an ideal laptop for programming on linux. I currently have an old Thinkpad T400 (poor display, but awesome keyboard) and an Alienware M17x-R2 (good performance, incredible screen RGBLED 1920x1200, but gets really hot on linux even though fans are constantly running, you can feel the heat on the keyboard and its uncomfortable - probably related to AMD graphics). I am looking for a laptop with a good linux support, good battery life, and a very high-resolution display (1920x1080?). I also want the size to be fairly compact from 13" to 15" (fairly light too). I want this laptop to replace both notebooks, although I'm not expecting it to outperform the 17" monster alienware, but I am expecting good performance. It doesn't really need to game, but it would be nice if it a little GPU power behind it for mobile graphics development. I will leave hardcore gaming up to a custom desktop with my leftover money. Does such a notebook exist? I would like to keep the price around $1000, but $1500 max.