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Thread: Backtrack or Blackbuntu - ?

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    Re: Backtrack or Blackbuntu - ?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ms. Daisy View Post
    Agreed that simply having the tools does not make you skilled.

    I hope you mean there's no industry standard for tools. Because there is definitely an industry standard for pen testing. There are far too many "professional" pen testers oblivious to any standards.
    For a malicious hacker, what the meaning of industry standard for him? Doubt.

    The "industry standard" is a set of rules or procedure for the good guys (may be the stupid guys) to follow and then get the certified certificates in order to claim that they are professionals in that field. However, do those guys get the certified qualifications are professional? Doubt.

    There are many fake professionals of InfoSec in the wild. They even do not know how to create or write a exploit code to exploit a piece of software or OS. Or, some of them misunderstanding of some of the concepts. For example, this guy is misunderstanding of using Back|Track. However, he bears some InfoSec qualifications. Maybe you do not agree with me, that's fine, it is only my opinion.

    Malicious hackers are very creative and they are very amazing. They are very professional. I do say that even I am not one of them.

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