Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum and not too familiar on the rules etc. (I will be reading up on these though).

My problem is the following:

I was running a dual boot of Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7. I had Windows 7 on and I used the Ubuntu Install to shrink my partition. This worked fine and issue free.

I then replaced Ubuntu with Backtrack as I wanted to give this a go. I had network issues that I tried to resolve and removed a package (can't remember which). After this point, when I boot up my laptop, the screen is split into two displays and the only OS I can get into is Windows 7 (display remains split). The split display flickers blue colours etc.

Now I understand that either my Graphics card (Geforce 8400m) is fried or the package I removed broke something (hopefully the latter). I want to go back to Ubuntu now (and only have a disc for 11.10 and no internet access to download the 12.04 disc) hoping that a complete format and reinstall of my OS (exclusively Ubuntu only) would fix my issue.

The problem comes in where I cannot boot into the Installation via the disc. I get as far as the option menu where I can select to Install or run it live. When I select install, the split screens remain black with a whole bunch of weird symbols flashing on and off on the screen and it doesn't go anywhere from there.

My question is: is there any way I can run the install in a 'safe-mode' kinda way that could work around this issue? I really hope that my problem stems from 'I broke the GRUB boot loader' (or whatever you'd refer to it as).

I am a severe Noob when it comes to Linux so I apologise that I am unsure of how to provide more scientific information to explain my problem. Currently the above is the best I can do!

Thanks all, I hope you have a great day!