Not sure if this is a bug or even where to begin.

I have a plasma TV on HDMI, and normal LCD monitor on DVI, attached to my ATI video card. On a fresh install of 12.04 LTS Desktop 64bit. With auto hide turned on launcher. When I start working with my displays to run my system as a dual monitor. My launcher icons disappear. My launcher will not show when my mouse hits the left side. When I hit the super key, what remains of the launcher pops up with only my lenses.

I tried resetting unity with $unity --reset. This is a fresh install because of this reason as well. This time I didn't install the "additional drivers" and had the same effect.

Well more of a work around instead of a fix, but by playing around with the dock location drop-down on the system --> display screen allowed everything to return to normal. Further more now I can't repeat the problem.

Have fun with this one!!!