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Thread: Gedit plugins problem

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    Gedit plugins problem

    I can't get external Gedit plugins working. They won't even show in the Plugins list. I've tried copying the folders, and the folder contents into the /plugins folder, and of course, restarting Gedit in both cases. Any ideas?

    Here are two plugins I've tried for project file searching:

    Thanks so much!

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    Re: Gedit plugins problem

    I don't know if these plugins are compatible with the current version of Gedit (3.41) or Ubuntu . The Opera plugin post is 3 years old and the screen shot in the post for the first plugin appears to refer to Gedit 2.2.
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    Re: Gedit plugins problem

    I see. Now that would explain it. Can you recommend anything that does the job of searching through an entire project directory, textmate style? Or how should I look, because it was searching in the ordinary way that I came up with this pair.


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