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Thread: Terminl Server on Ubuntu

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    Terminl Server on Ubuntu

    Hi All
    I would like someone to help me in this ( I'm trying to run away from the Windows)

    I work with Server 2008 R2 , I never did with Ubuntu .
    On my Domain I have installed the Terminal Server on 2008 Server , and 50 users running in the server (users are connected with Thin Client) but the only think is that is expensive to pay for the TS , so is possible to install Ubuntu Server with Terminal Server and the users will still be available to do they work . They use MS Office 2010 , pdf , and also databases SQL .
    On Thinclient PC is Linux Os installed .
    Any help is appreciated .

    Thanks a lot


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    Re: Terminl Server on Ubuntu

    Any help on this or this can't be done ?

    Thanks a lot ,



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