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Thread: Extracting ddrescue.tar.gz

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    Extracting ddrescue.tar.gz

    I have downloaded ddrescue-1.16.tar.gz and I am trying to extract it from the 'Downloads directory to /media/Data/Downloads/ddrescue-unzipped.

    I have ownership of that folder and full user rights to both locations and I am using either sudo or gksu

    e.g. gksu tar xzvf ddrescue-1.16.tar.gz /ddrescue-unzipped

    I am sure that there is nothing wrong with the paths as I have been able to change directory into them both.

    This is the latest result:
    roy@roy-desktop:~$ cd /media/Data/Downloads
    roy@roy-desktop:/media/Data/Downloads$ gksu tar xzvf ddrescue-1.16.tar.gz /ddrescue-unzippedtar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors
    roy@roy-desktop:/media/Data/Downloads$ sudo tar xzvf ddrescue-1.16.tar.gz ddrescue-unzipped
    tar: ddrescue-unzipped: Not found in archive
    tar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors

    Please can anybody help. I have been on this for over four hours. Many thanks

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    Re: Extracting ddrescue.tar.gz

    First in the command line, you should be using sudo, and not gksu.

    Try running the tar command, but without specifying the output directory. I think that's what's screwing it up:

    sudo tar xzvf ddrescue-1.16.tar.gz
    That should give you a new folder, which will probably be something like 'ddrescue-1.16/', which you can change with a 'mv' command if you like.

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    Re: Extracting ddrescue.tar.gz

    if you want to extract TO a different directory, the syntax is

    tar x[v]zf archive.tar.gz -C dir
    iirc the syntax you're using (without the -C) just queries the archive for a file called 'ddrescue-unzipped'

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