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Thread: Firefox Profile Related

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    Firefox Profile Related

    I am using firefox on Windows 7 and ubuntu. I am using firefox's profile manager to share my bookmarks between both the O.S.'s firefox.

    I am keeping a shared profile in a common drive partition. But there is a problem when I use firefox with this shared profile in ubuntu. No problem in Windows.

    When I start firefox in ubuntu it gives the error which is something like this:
    Instance of firefox already running and not responding. Close the instance to start a new one.

    This happens even when I just started ubuntu and firefox is my first program. I found he solution but that's not convenient. I have to go to home>141 GB file System

    This file system is actually the common partition in which the shared profile is present. What can I do to overcome this problem?

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    Re: Firefox Profile Related

    I have dual boot windows+ubuntu and I find the zotero add-on for Firefox to be very useful as my bookmarking and citation tool.

    You can sync the two databases.

    You can import your legacy bookmarks into zotero and export zotero bookmarks.

    The other useful add-on is session manager


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