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Thread: Can't access old partition with Lucid after installing 12.04

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    Can't access old partition with Lucid after installing 12.04

    Hi All, reviews of cinnamon finally convinced me to make the jump from the sinking ship that is gnome 2. I went and installed linux mint 13/cinnamon, but after 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to turn the icons orange, I decided that it'd make sense to just install ubuntu 12.04 and cinnamon along with it.

    I must have screwed something up when I deleted the linux mint partition and installed 12.04 on top of it, because now I can't boot into Lucid, nor can I access the files. I've attached a screenshot of the disk utility. How can I (or can I?) re-establish dual-boot? And how can I get to my old home directory from 12.04? The two partitions (the 45GB one and the 39 GB one) were both put thereby the linux mint installer when I set up the mint dual-boot. One of them has lucid, and one of them has my home folder (I think).

    I want to ease my way into cinnamon, and preserve an avenue of retreat for myself, in case I find myself hating cinnamon as intensely (or even half as intensely) as I hated gnome 3 and unity.

    Help much appreciated.
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