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Thread: Nvidia card/driver and 2560x1440 Monitor

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    Re: Nvidia card/driver and 2560x1440 Monitor

    Well, I think it's not necesary to start another thread, it seems the problem I'm going to explain maybe related to this Xorg.conf.

    Ok, so I have finally the multy monitor set up nice and today I bought several linux games at steam.
    I'm trying some games and everything seems to work, until I check killing floor, (others like FTL and PENUMBRA failed too, so its not a specific game issue), the game starts and the X screen crashes. I see the blue light from the shimian monitor blinking and I have to restart the X server to come back to life.

    Windowed mode in these games works. First I'm trying to solve here is what the problem is
    Scalating? Xorg.conf? OpenGL?

    Are you experiencing the same issues?

    EDIT: Well, everything is a little messed up, first of all, I managed to make some games work by manually adding to the .ini and .cong files the monitor resolution. Unfortunately, It's not possible (or I can't) to use this solution with all games/software. I.e. opening XBMC directly kills the Shimian monitor and arrange the layout telling me there is only the 190x1080 monitor, and so on...
    How can I make my xorg.conf to eork properly?
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