So I purchased a new monitor that lots of people have been talking about from Ebay. The Yamakasi Catleap 270

I plugged it into my Nvidia gtx 460 and first tried to boot up windows (I dual boot). Everything worked just perfect.

I then tried to boot up Kubuntu (12.04) and it went to a black screen, couldn't see anything. If I did ctrl+alt+F1 to get to a terminal, it worked and I could issue commands. So my computer wasn't frozen.

So I uninstalled all the nvidia drivers (I had the most current ones updated before adding the monitor) and when they were turned off, it works. Using the built in video drivers for kubuntu it works just fine.

But I'd really like to use the nivida drivers instead. So does anyone have any idea how I can do that? Clearly my video card works, since the monitor works in windows and with the default kubuntu drivers. So what do I do? I'm totally lost.

I have two monitors, and when I install the nvidia drivers again, and go to the nvidia-settings and have it "detect" the monitors. The new large one comes up with no identify information and a max resolution of like 320x460 (or something close to that).

Any ideas where I should go next? Thanks everyone.