When I start Unison, it searches for changes outside of my specified Path, but seems to only sync the actual Path folders, as it should. Why is it searching everything? And how can I go about stopping this? Some flag maybe? Maybe my preferences file incorrect?

# Unison preferences file on client

root =  ssh://server@XX.XXX.XXX.XX:XXXX//Path/To/BackupFolder

root = /Users/user

path = Documents/

path = Media/

perms = 0


ignore = Name .DS_Store

ignore = Name *~

ignore = Name .*~

ignore = Name ._*

ignore = Name .localized
And then I'm running it with:

unison defaultbackup -repeat watch
It's checking everything within the user's home folder, instead of just the folders mentioned in Path (Documents / Media).

Any insight would be appreciated, thanks.

*Note I am using -repeat watch to continually monitor for changes in said folders.