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Thread: Volume bug - Mutes too soon [12.04]

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    Exclamation Volume bug - Mutes too soon [12.04]

    Hi there. I tried searchin help at the #Ubuntu IRC, but didn't get any help, hence I came here.

    So down to the problem!
    When I change the volume under ~20% it goes mute.

    Here is le badly drawn picture of my desktop

    At the top right you can see the volume editor. The current volume level that you can see in this pic is mute on my computer. Whenever the I drag the pin below that point, it goes mute.

    I'm not really sure how to explain this easily, but if you have any questions regarding the bug / my choise of words please feel free to ask.

    Your help means alot - thank you!

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    Re: Volume bug - Mutes too soon [12.04]

    I too am having this same issue. Volume goes mute at anything below 16%. When running alsamixer in terminal, the volume bar jumps from 0 to 16 with one press of the volume button. When using gui controls any point on the volume slider below 20%ish and poof muted. I was away from ubuntu for a while and came back to 12.04. This was present in that release as well as 12.10. Haven't found a fix for this, or many people reporting the problem. Thought I was the only one having it, but now I know I am not crazy.

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    Re: Volume bug - Mutes too soon [12.04]

    Same problem here. Suddenly at around 20% it just mutes suddenly.

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