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My home computer dies after 7 yrs of service
Bought a new one
Acer AX1935-ur20p 64-bit 1TB HD, 8GB ram, usb3.0, integrated lan 10/100/1000, Windows 7

a small tower
Also needed a new printer HP 1212 nf MFP

Some small points :
0- reset bios to start with the CD first
1- use Ubuntu v12 latest stable build as a live CD
2- connect KBD, mouse, computer & printer w/ network cable to router BEFORE starting up CD
3- follow instructions for ubuntu
4- follow instructions to download HP driver
start here :

Put Ubuntu v 12- 64 bit linux on it… it’s fast !!

added the chrome browser, sbackup, komodo for python & postgresql/pgadmin3