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Thread: video card not compatible plz hlp

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    Question video card not compatible plz hlp

    Hello I am fairly new to ubuntu and i am having major issues with my video card compatibility:

    i am running:
    -inspiron 5160
    -xgi volari-xp5 32 mb video card
    -ubuntu 10

    i cant change the display settings at all and my display is marked as "unknown"

    i have tried following threads witch have led me to a bunch of xorg -config suggestions but that hasnt helped. i tried to find a driver manually but the only thing i was able to find is a file called "sis.4" but im not sure how to install it.

    if someone knows what i need to do or can at least point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: video card not compatible plz hlp

    Did you go into the system settings into jockey and install the driver that way? also is the card Nvidea based or AMD based?
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    Re: video card not compatible plz hlp

    See if this link to a solution from Ubuntu Geek helps. It's a little old, but should still be applicable!

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