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Thread: Color Problem with 11.10 Dell Studio Hybrid

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    Color Problem with 11.10 Dell Studio Hybrid

    I need some help. I have a Dell Studio Hybrid connected via HDMI to a Pioneer HDTV. Installed 11.10 and the color map is completely wrong. All I get is shades of violet and green. I don't know how to reset a color map, or whether that's even possible. I tried the GNOME color manager but apparently it has no effect since 11.10 uses a Unity (sp?).

    Those of you with Dell Studio Hybrid's, do you have color issues? Could it be the Pioneer HDTV? (It is using an HDMI input but programmed as connected to a PC.)

    Incidentally, I have Windows Vista Home Premium side by side, and that one shows the proper colors on the same TV.

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Color Problem with 11.10 Dell Studio Hybrid

    I also have problems. I have a Dell Studio Hybrid and a Benq HDMI display. What happens is I get occasional blackouts for a few seconds. Mysteriously these blackouts often (but not always) happen when someone in the house turns a light switch on or off. If anyone has a suggestion about why this is happening or how to fix it I would be very appreciative.

    Any general info about resolved HDMI problems with Dell Studio might also be helpful




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