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Thread: Turn off the Pin thing on the side

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    Turn off the Pin thing on the side

    Is there a way in Unity (or Unity2D) to turn off the icon pins junk on the left in unity? At least hide them I guess. I kind of like the space saving of moving the menu-bar from programs to the very top, but the pins are the opposite of space saving. Its like covering up something awesome with an ugly unrelenting billboard.

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    Re: Turn off the Pin thing on the side

    I don't know of a way to turn of the lock to launcher feature . You can auto hide the launcher in 3D from Appearance > Behavior.

    Sometimes when an application is installed an icon is placed on the launcher automatically and can be removed by right clicking icon and selecting unlock from launcher . If you have a large number of favorite applications the launcher can get cluttered.
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    Re: Turn off the Pin thing on the side

    so you want to remove the feature of task buttons (icon buttons for currently opened applications) ? i dont know if that is possible, but try Ubuntu Tweak and see if there is an option for it.

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