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Thread: New external harddrive: best filesystem to format it to

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    Post New external harddrive: best filesystem to format it to

    I have a new Toshiba StorE Alu 500GB harddrive which came formatted in NTFS. Ubuntu recognizes it (and I've already deleted some and moved some files that came with the hard drive). So I suspect everything' s fine. But I don't know if I should format it to Ext2/3/4 or Brtfs. It will only be used as backup of data. I've read that it seems to be better to format a SSD drive as Ext2 (with as argument that Ext4 does more write operations and that should be bad for flash memory), I don't know if this is true for the modern SSDs (or any SSDs). However I don't know if there is a preferred file system for external USB drives. Should I leave it as NTFS or reformat to something else?
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